The Beverly Hills Of Hyderabad!

As the name suggests, Grand View Jubilee Hills is a 100  acre colony with a view that is simply breathtaking. Prominent citizens, businessmen, professionals and international scientists make a beeline to this part of town, and great care has been taken in the planning and execution of every detail of the project. The very location makes it the most sought-after address in town, but Grand View Jubilee Hills is only for the privileged few.

Changing face of GVJH

Grand View Jubilee Hills – The Beverly Hills of Hyderabad This is a project where a donkey track earlier not accessible to humans was transformed with the might of man and machine by Narne Estates to a super class access road. This road now aptly named ‘Narne Road’ connects the prime Jubilee Hills area to the old Bombay highway. Our hoardings in the area captioned as “Grand View Jubilee Hills – Need we say more?”, bring a distinct fact about the spectacular view, overlooking the majestic Golconda Fort, to passersby in the locale. If you have achieved the highest point in your career, you definitely already own property at Grand View Jubilee Hills!.


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